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About us

Jenna - Dog Trainer/Owner

I am a dog lover first, and a dog trainer second. I know from first-hand experience the difference dog training makes in the relationship between dog and owner. Without professional training it can sometimes be a frustrating relationship, but with an investment in good training a wonderful transformation will occur.

I attended Animal Behavior College and received the following certifications: Professional Dog Obedience Trainer, Pet First Aid and CPR, Pet Nutrition and Diet, Training Shelter Dogs and The Art of Teaching and Selling Private Lessons. I also attended Medina County Career Center when I was a teen and received several certifications through them related to grooming, training and pet care. I have also taken several APDT courses and am currently attending Grisha Stewart Academy to further my training education into other types of dog training. 

 Every since I was a little kid I knew I wanted to work with animals, my father and I used to rescue strays off the street and bring them home and train them until we could find them a new home. Training is not a job for me it's a lifestyle. I train outside of my work with my two pups Roxy and Zoey, you can follow their training progress on my Tik Tok @jkazz . We are always trying out new things and experimenting with other sorts of training outside of basic obedience. 


Boy Walking His Dog

If you're looking for an amazing dog trainer, Jenna is your best choice! She's so patient with your best paw friends. My paw friends love her and quickly react to her and her training styles. Have a 6 month old? They react & learn quickly from her. Have a 6 year old paw friend stuck in their non trained ways? Mine also reacts and quickly adjusts to her teaching& methods. She is patient and kind and rewarding to your fur friends. She also walks dogs.. so when you're working from home & need a little assistance in trainer dog walking, she's your gal! Affordable and friendly. HAPPY to support this local small business owner and she does an amazing job! Worth every pooch training penny! Thanks Jenna. My boys are better "good" boys because of you. Passionate and dedicated to your fur friends! You wont be disappointed in Jenna or her training results if you follow her lead. - Tara Montague

If you are looking for a dog trainer to understand and work with your fur baby, Jenna is a gift. Jenna is a talented dog trainer who very effectively uses positive reinforcement training. What impressed us was her genuine love for dogs and how that translated to her passionate training and ability to understand our dog and be so intune with him. Jenna never gave up when things got tough, she always rose to the challenge, which we needed with our head-strong boy. I can't thank her enough for her help, dedication and kindness. We have seen significant improvement with our fur baby with every coming week. Thank you so much Jenna, for everything you do! - Anastasia Dines

Jenna has been working with my dog for 2 months and he absolutely adores her! He responds very well to her and her teaching style. She has very good communication with you throughout the whole process and is very thorough. She is very realistic with expectations and is very patient. Highly recommend!!! - Kelly Moore

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