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Dogs Running

Available Services

Walk and Train

No time? No problem! We are here to help! Not only will we walk your dog but we will also train on our walk

Dog already in training? Don't worry, we offer basic dog walking as well. 

$30 per 30 mins.

Individual Lessons

If none of our packages suit your needs or if you do not need 6 weeks of training, we offer individual lessons that consist of training discussed during the evaluation. 

$125 for 1 lesson, if you purchase more than one lesson it is $100 per lesson.

Show Me A Trick!

Once your dog completes Level 1 training you are eligible for our trick package! We learn lots of fun tricks such as Roll Over, Give Paw, Footsies, and much more!


Add Ons

If your dog is falling behind in any of our training packages we do offer add on lessons to encourage training to be finished so your dog can be successful!


One on One Lessons

Maybe you work a busy schedule and do not have time to sign up for training, no problem! Our one on one lessons involve the trainer working with your dog for you! Don't worry, every 2 weeks we do a transfer lesson to show you what your dog has learned. 

Up Lessons

After training is completed from time to time your dog may need a touch up if there was any lapse in continued training. 


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