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How it works

Here we do in home training only, we come to you! Next, we schedule an evaluation at the low price of $10. During the evaluation your trainer gets to meet your dog and family and discuss your training goals. The trainer will then make a recommendation based on the information collected. Then, you get to schedule your training sessions! Yay!


  • Level 1: $600

  • Level 2: $600

  • Level 3: $600

  • New Puppy Package: $700

  • Virtual Group Classes: $200 for each level

Refer to "Extra Services" for more pricing information. 

We do offer discounts to rescue dogs as well as anyone who was in the military. 

There is a referral program in place, if you give out enough referrals you could even earn some free training! 

Standard Package - Level 1

Here your dog will learn all of the basics such as Sit, Down, Focus, Leave It, and much more! This is the first level of training, once this package is completed your dog may move on to Intermediate Package - Level 2. 


Intermediate Package - Level 2

Now it's time to test your dogs' skills! Here we will add distance and distraction to all cues taught in Level 1. We will also teach your dog more advanced cues such as Heel, Stay, Place, etc. Once this package is completed your dog may move on to the Advanced Package - Level 3. 


Advanced Package - Level 3

Your dog will learn a lot of impulse control in this package. We will put all of your dogs' skills to the test and set your dog up to succeed when meeting and greeting new people as well as remaining under control in different environments. 


New Puppy Package

This is put in place for new puppy owners. This is a two part course, part socialization and part teaching your puppy to behave when first brought home. We will teach you how to avoid behavior issues such as resource guarding and separation anxiety. You will also learn how to teach your new pup their name, Sit, how to play, etc.  Any owner who brings home a new puppy should enroll in this course to learn all of the need to knows !

Virtual Classes

NEW! We now offer virtual group classes! Give us a call or send a text to sign up today!!

Our next group class is: 

We are temporarily closed at this time.

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